The ClamAV Team -

aCaB <acab at*clamav*net>
Aeriana <aeriana at*clamav*net>
Mike Cathey <mike at*clamav*net>
Christoph Cordes <ccordes at*clamav*net>
Diego d’Ambra <diego at*clamav*net>
Andreas Faust <afaust at*clamav*net>
Luca Gibelli <luca at*clamav*net>
Nigel Horne <njh at*clamav*net>
Arnaud Jacques <arnaud at*clamav*net>
Tomasz Kojm <tkojm at*clamav*net>
Tomasz Papszun <tomek at*clamav*net>
Sven Strickroth <sven at*clamav*net>
Török Edvin <edwin at*clamav*net>
Trog <trog at*clamav*net>

Please see the ChangeLog and clamdoc.pdf for the full list of contributors.


libclamav credits:

cab.c: The code uses Stuart Caie's libmspack to handle cabinet files
cvd.c, untar.c: The untar code is based on a public domain minitar utility
		by Charles G. Waldman
dsig.c: The idea of number encoding comes from yyyRSA by Erik Thiele
elf.c: The header structures were based upon "ELF: Executable and Linkable
       Format, Portable Formats Specification, Version 1.1"
explode.c: Written from scratch based on specs from PKWARE:
hashtab.c: hash32shift() is an implementation of Thomas Wang's 32-bit integer
	   hash function:
htmlnorm.c: The ScrEnc decoder was initially based upon an analysis by
	    Andreas Marx
inflate64.*,inffixed.h: This files contain code from zlib library v.1.2.3 with
			modifications by Alberto Wu (see COPYING.zlib)
is_tar.*: The file contains a public domain code from John Gilmore
lzma/*: The files contain an implementation of the LZMA algorithm from
	Igor Pavlov (see COPYING.lzma)
md5.*: The files contain a public domain code from Solar Designer
msexpand.c: Decompression scheme by M. Winterhoff
nsis/*: The nsis extractor includes the zlib code from Jean-loup Gailly and
	Mark Adler (see COPYING.zlib) and libbzip2 code from Julian Seward
	(see COPYING.bzip2)
ole2_extract.c, vba_extract.c: Some ideas and algorithms were based upon
			       OpenOffice and libgsf
pe.h: The header structures were based upon a PE format analysis by
      B. Luevelsmeyer
regex/*: The files came from OpenBSD (see COPYING.BSD)
str.c: cli_strcasestr() contains a public domain code from
tnef.c: The algorithm was based on kdepim/ktnef/lib/ktnefparser.cpp from KDE
mbox.c: Some ideas came from Stephen White <>,
	Michael Dankov <>, Gianluigi Tiesi <>,
	Everton da Silva Marques, Thomas Lamy <>,
	James Stevens <>