March 27, 2019
View 694e788

Freshclam refresh. This update makes libcurl a hard requirement for ClamAV.

Micah Snyder authored on 2019/03/27 04:09:52
February 14, 2019
View 3d06107

Compatibility fix with std < C99.

Micah Snyder authored on 2019/02/14 11:12:29
January 26, 2019
View e1cbc27

Updating and cleaning up copyright notices.

Micah Snyder authored on 2019/01/26 00:15:50
December 19, 2018
View 985d96a

Dump IR of all functions in clambc

Jonas Zaddach authored on 2018/12/19 19:56:13
December 6, 2018
View e030ba4

Replacing libclamav/cltypes.h with, which generates a header clamav-types.h that we install alongside clamav.h.

Micah Snyder authored on 2018/12/06 10:46:20
December 4, 2018
View 288057e

clang-format'd using new .clang-format rules.

Micah Snyder authored on 2018/12/04 02:40:13
March 28, 2018
View 964a1e7

Converting http urls to https urls. Primary focus was on urls. I updated a couple others and fixes a few broken links as well. There are many ( urls I didn't address, especially in 3rd party or contrib code.

Micah Snyder authored on 2018/03/28 02:06:46
February 7, 2018
View e098cdc

Updating help strings, to include a couple missing items as well as copyrights. updating man page files as well.

Micah Snyder authored on 2018/02/07 06:23:07
November 4, 2015
View 5c3865c

Change 'Sourcefire' -> 'Cisco Systems' in command line usage messages.

Steven Morgan authored on 2015/11/04 02:46:05
September 18, 2015
View 46a35ab

mass update of copyright headers

Mickey Sola authored on 2015/09/18 02:41:26
February 20, 2015
View c94a95b

updated documentation on '--statistics' option

Kevin Lin authored on 2015/02/20 02:47:20
View e77937b

bb#11265 - fixed clambc referencing obsolete option

Kevin Lin authored on 2015/02/20 01:03:33
October 3, 2014
View 1a7ce1e

clambc: changed trace to use T, updated docs

Kevin Lin authored on 2014/10/03 05:49:32
September 23, 2014
View 8d170d5

bb#11094+11097 - update help message, manpage, and optparser message of clambc options

Kevin Lin authored on 2014/09/23 06:12:34
September 10, 2014
View 9f9573f

clambc: bb#11101 - no longer parses logical signature as source in certain conditions

Kevin Lin authored on 2014/09/10 23:51:46