September 13, 2019
View 73f65a8

ppr103 - xml2 - add credit blurb in

Mickey Sola authored on 2019/09/13 03:53:14
September 12, 2019
View 8043cd4

onas_...cleanup function return void remove

arlecchino authored on 2019/09/12 03:17:49
September 11, 2019
View 61d15e3

Updates list of contributors for 0.102.

Micah Snyder authored on 2019/09/11 00:56:25
View a78fd7e

Adds libtool flag --tag CXX to clamsubmit so that systems without the Objective C linker are not confused by the OBJC support.

Micah Snyder authored on 2019/09/11 22:00:31
View 0df117d

Adds User-Agent HTTP header for clamsubmit to match freshclam.

Micah Snyder authored on 2019/09/11 06:45:38
View bcf4be1

unrar_iface: Fix for debug print format string that caused check failures on some systems.

Micah Snyder (micasnyd) authored on 2019/09/11 09:02:05
View 277f973

Adds hardcoded clamav-version.h file to win32 so as to provide the same feature for Windows applications using libclamav.

Micah Snyder authored on 2019/09/11 06:17:26
September 9, 2019
View 768d59c

Modifies zip scanning behavior so it scans files using zip records from the catalogue which provides deduplication of file records resulting in faster extraction and scan time and reducing the likelihood of alerting on non-malicious duplicate file entries as overlapping files.

Micah Snyder authored on 2019/09/09 12:17:43
September 8, 2019
View 635f911

Bug 12385 - MAX_PATH and PATH_MAX mismatch

arlecchino authored on 2019/09/08 22:39:51
View 18bf366

Adds new clamav-version.h to clamav.h so it doesn't have to be included separately, and adds example usage to the ex1.c example program.

Micah Snyder authored on 2019/09/08 00:29:15
September 7, 2019
View 7847f89


Mickey Sola authored on 2019/09/07 05:26:54
View 1a5a89e

xml - check path for xml2-config when building, based on pull-request by Jim Klimov

Mickey Sola authored on 2019/09/07 05:25:07
View adfe7bb

Fixes filename memory leak for empty files in EGG archives.

Micah Snyder (micasnyd) authored on 2019/09/07 23:29:01
August 31, 2019
View e0c3080

bb12356 - Improvement to overlapping zip files detection logic.

Micah Snyder authored on 2019/08/31 03:48:57
August 11, 2019
View ecfcb2f

Avoid libxml checks if --disable-xml is used

Eneas U de Queiroz authored on 2019/08/11 07:43:20