November 20, 2019
View 8475a3c

Modified mbox.c only mark files as infected with heuristic alerts if heuristic alerts are enabled.

Andy Ragusa authored on 2019/11/20 08:55:47
View c4e715d

Updated the NEWS for 0.102.1 release.

Micah Snyder (micasnyd) authored on 2019/11/20 04:44:41
November 14, 2019
View efeea72

Handle case where Authenticode sig directly follows PE header

Andrew authored on 2019/11/14 07:05:05
November 13, 2019
View 3fdae9b

Handle two more Authenticode parsing edge cases

Andrew authored on 2019/11/13 12:30:31
November 9, 2019
View c6e2154

Add NULL check in cli_isnumber

Andrew authored on 2019/11/09 04:25:42
View 4c31d5d

bb12389 - fast AC sig load - courtesy of Alberto Wu

Micah Snyder (micasnyd) authored on 2019/11/09 07:06:13
November 8, 2019
View 0cc5f20

bb12380: Added limits to the mailbox parser.

Andy Ragusa authored on 2019/11/08 02:10:26
November 7, 2019
View 499f973

Fixes null-dereference in mail message parser.

Micah Snyder (micasnyd) authored on 2019/11/07 04:18:19
November 5, 2019
View f6f1356


Micah Snyder authored on 2019/11/05 07:42:29
November 2, 2019
View 7ec7dd0

Ignore e for whitelist CRBs, allow blank serials

Andrew authored on 2019/11/02 06:07:54
View ff22290

bb12427 - Change printf() usage to logg() in libfreshclam so --quiet option works correctly. Patch courtesy of Reio Remma.

Micah Snyder authored on 2019/11/02 03:28:04
View 49aa676

bb12412 - Fix for chdir bug in libfreshclam that also triggered a double-free.

Micah Snyder authored on 2019/11/02 02:16:47
October 23, 2019
View 771a80d

Adds --with-libjson-static=DIR option to configure.

Micah Snyder authored on 2019/10/23 06:27:45
View be6fb86

Fix CRB rule maximum FLEVEL being treated as the minimum FLEVEL

Andrew authored on 2019/10/23 05:06:59
October 12, 2019
View 6acbe27

Fix blacklist CRB rules not working against certs using e!=65537

Andrew authored on 2019/10/12 06:03:38