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# ClamAV ClamAV® is an open source antivirus engine for detecting trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats. ## Documentation & FAQ Official documentation can be found online at []( Our source code release tarballs also includes a copy of the documentation for [offline](docs/html/UserManual.html) reading. ## ClamAV Signatures Anyone can learn to read and write ClamAV signatures. Take a look at the [signature writing documentation]( and [phishing signature writing documentation]( to get started! ## Installation Instructions ### UNIX #### Build from Source on Linux/Unix/Mac For basic compile and install instructions on Linux/Unix platforms, check out the [install instructions]( For detailed instructions specific to building ClamAV please investigate our the [Linux/Unix/Mac Install instructions in the User Manual]( For instructions on how to build ClamAV using our new *experimental* CMake build tooling, see []( #### Install from a binary package For binary package distribution installation instructions, head over to [our website]( ### Windows #### Build from Source on Windows The instructions for building ClamAV from source on Windows is located in the [Win32 README](win32/ #### Using an Install Package We provide an installer to install ClamAV on Windows to "C:\\Program Files". This install method will require you to have Adminstrator priveleges. We also provide a "Portable Install Package" (i.e. a zip of the required files) for users that may wish to run ClamAV without installing it to a system-owned directory. For details on how to use either option, head over to the [Windows Install instructions in the User Manual]( For instructions on how to build ClamAV using our new *experimental* CMake build tooling, see []( ### Upgrading from a previous version Some tips on [how to upgrade]( from a previous version of ClamAV. ## ClamAV News For information about the features in this and prior releases, read [the news]( Catch up on the latest about ClamAV by reading our [blog]( and follow us on Twitter @clamav. ## Join the ClamAV Community The best way to get in touch with the ClamAV community is to join our [our mailing lists](, and tune to #clamav on [IRC]( ## Want to make a contribution? The ClamAV development team welcomes [code contributions](, improvements to [our documentation](, and also [bug reports]( Thanks for joining us! ## Credits [The ClamAV Team](