TODO list for s3cmd project

- For 0.9.9
  - Implement 'cp' and 'mv'
  - Better upload / download progress display (and remove 
    excessive useless transfer info from verbose/debug 
  - Warn when encryption is required (conf/arg) for sync
    and request for explicit --no-encrypt parameter.
  - Add --include/--include-from/--rinclude* for sync

- After 1.0.0
  - Speed up upload / download with multiple threads.

- Treat objects with "/" in their name as directories
  - Will need local cache for bucket listings
  - More user friendly 'del' operation that would work
    with "directories"
  - Recursion for some commands

- Implement GPG for sync
  (it's not that easy since it won't be easy to compare
   the encrypted-remote-object size with local file. 
   either we can store the metadata in a dedicated file 
   where we face a risk of inconsistencies, or we'll store
   the metadata encrypted in each object header where we'll
   have to do large number for object/HEAD requests. tough 

- Keep man page up to date and write some more documentation
  - Yeah, right ;-)