July 19, 2010
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Negative test for s3cmd put --follow-symlinks

Aaron Maxwell authored on 2010/07/19 04:30:55
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Test for s3cmd put --follow-symlinks

Aaron Maxwell authored on 2010/07/19 04:28:56
July 17, 2010
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Implementation of --follow-symlinks option (nonrecursive case)

Aaron Maxwell authored on 2010/07/17 14:29:07
July 12, 2010
View 4f8a35b

Test case for following symlinks (simplest case) (currently fails)

Aaron Maxwell authored on 2010/07/12 10:05:36
July 11, 2010
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Provide --bucket-prefix for run-tests.py

Aaron Maxwell authored on 2010/07/11 15:11:11
July 8, 2010
View 76ce644

* run-tests.py, testsuite/crappy-file-name.tar.gz: Updated testsuite, work around a problem with [s3cmd cp] when the source file contains '?' or '\x7f' (where the inability to copy '?' is especially annoying).

Michal Ludvig authored on 2010/07/08 09:04:54
May 28, 2009
View b40dd81

* S3/Utils.py: New function replace_nonprintables() * s3cmd: Filter local filenames through the above function to avoid problems with uploaded filenames containing invalid XML entities, eg  * S3/S3.py: Warn if a non-printables char is passed to urlencode_string() - they should have been replaced earlier in the processing. * run-tests.py, TODO, NEWS: Updated. * testsuite/crappy-file-name.tar.gz: Tarball with a crappy-named file. Untar for the testsuite.

Michal Ludvig authored on 2009/05/28 22:59:03
May 27, 2009
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* s3cmd, run-test.py, TODO, NEWS: Added --dry-run and --exclude/--include for [del].

Michal Ludvig authored on 2009/05/27 22:41:11
View e0b946c

* s3cmd: Support for recursive [cp] and [mv], including multiple-source arguments, --include/--exclude, --dry-run, etc. * run-tests.py: Tests for the above. * S3/S3.py: Preserve metadata (eg ACL or MIME type) during [cp] and [mv]. * NEWS, TODO: Updated.

Michal Ludvig authored on 2009/05/27 21:40:39
View 3677a3b

* run-tests.py: Added --verbose mode.

Michal Ludvig authored on 2009/05/27 21:10:03
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2009-05-27 Michal Ludvig <michal@logix.cz>

Michal Ludvig authored on 2009/05/27 14:51:28
February 14, 2009
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* run-tests.py: Fixed for new messages.

Michal Ludvig authored on 2009/02/14 15:58:15
January 22, 2009
View 3894a49

* run-tests.py: Updated paths for the new sync semantics. * s3cmd, S3/S3.py: Small fixes to make testsuite happy.

Michal Ludvig authored on 2009/01/22 07:14:17
January 7, 2009
View e3244a8

* S3/ACL.py: Move attributes from class to instance. * run-tests.py: Tests for ACL. * s3cmd: Minor messages changes.

Michal Ludvig authored on 2009/01/07 21:40:31
December 31, 2008
View 5f7a2d5

* s3cmd: Reworked internal handling of unicode vs encoded filenames. Should replace unknown characters with '?' instead of baling out. * run-tests.py: Display system encoding in use.

Michal Ludvig authored on 2008/12/31 13:55:32