November 20, 2019
View 482fcd4

Modified mbox.c only mark files as infected with heuristic alerts if heuristic alerts are enabled.

Andy Ragusa authored on 2019/11/20 08:55:47
View c37d550

Updated the NEWS for 0.101.5 release.

Micah Snyder (micasnyd) authored on 2019/11/20 04:57:24
View 22d8015

added clang-format

Andy Ragusa authored on 2019/11/20 00:34:23
View fd62a17

clang-formatted mbox.c

Andy Ragusa authored on 2019/11/20 00:33:18
November 9, 2019
View b16d5b7

Add NULL check in cli_isnumber

Andrew authored on 2019/11/09 04:25:42
November 8, 2019
View bd7b591

bb12380: Added limits to the mailbox parser.

Andy Ragusa authored on 2019/11/08 02:10:26
November 5, 2019
View 7d33012


Micah Snyder authored on 2019/11/05 07:44:13
November 1, 2019
View 4619f63

Fixes null-dereference in mail message parser.

Micah Snyder authored on 2019/11/01 05:05:29
October 29, 2019
View 5f20aa7

Added the zip scanning improvements found in v0.102.0 where it scans files using zip records from a sorted catalogue which provides deduplication of file records resulting in faster extraction and scan time and reducing the likelihood of alerting on non-malicious duplicate file entries as overlapping files.

Micah Snyder authored on 2019/10/29 23:20:24
View 250a89c

Reformats unzip.c to make it easier to upgrade with the unzip improvements added in 0.102.

Micah Snyder authored on 2019/10/29 23:01:54
October 24, 2019
View e2eb195

bb12389 - fast AC sig load, part 2 - courtesy of Alberto Wu

Micah Snyder authored on 2019/10/24 22:15:25
October 23, 2019
View 1d89e5e

Adds --with-libjson-static=DIR option to configure.

Micah Snyder authored on 2019/10/23 06:27:45
View c19fdd3

Fix CRB rule maximum FLEVEL being treated as the minimum FLEVEL

Andrew authored on 2019/10/23 05:06:59
October 17, 2019
View 0e3ffb1

bb12389 - fast AC sig load - courtesy of Alberto Wu

Micah Snyder authored on 2019/10/17 03:40:16
October 10, 2019
View 0ef419a

Version increment from 0.101.4 -> 0.101.5.

Micah Snyder authored on 2019/10/10 05:20:09