July 11, 2018
View 6103512

[PATCH] Remove AllowSupplementaryGroups

Sebastian Andrzej Siewior authored on 2018/07/11 23:08:22
June 15, 2018
View aec4d6e

Adding 0.100.1 release notes.

Micah Snyder (micasnyd) authored on 2018/06/15 03:15:21
June 13, 2018
View f842e96

Replacing strntol with strntoul to ensure proper (un)signedness when parsing numbers from PDFs.

Micah Snyder authored on 2018/06/13 09:47:21
June 9, 2018
View 3955b36

Adjustment to pdf find_obj logic to allow the parser to skip, continue when it finds objects that cannot be parsed and may not in fact be objects at all.

Micah Snyder authored on 2018/06/09 22:42:57
View 2176b2c

Uncommenting len adjustment that is clearly correct, needed.

Micah Snyder authored on 2018/06/09 03:17:04
View a79be75

bb12134: Adding missing len decrement and adding additional len check.

Micah Snyder (micasnyd) authored on 2018/06/09 02:13:13
June 7, 2018
View 6d79990

100.1 - rar - reverting and fixing issues found with changes found to rar extraction during regression.

Mickey Sola authored on 2018/06/07 22:58:04
June 3, 2018
View bf6e777

bb12133: Wrapping cli_strntol to provide easy error detection. Applying cli_strntol_wrap with error checking. Adding logic to identify when a parsing error is in fact a new revision of the PDF.

Micah Snyder authored on 2018/06/03 09:58:35
June 2, 2018
View 53cbdee

bb12133: Implementing cli_strntol based on gnu gcc's strtol implementation with modifications to limit string buffer length for non-null terminated strings. Using cli_strntol in pdf.c for added safety.

Micah Snyder authored on 2018/06/02 03:23:25
May 31, 2018
View 16a8c64

Adjusting HWP offset check to account for the possibility of a zero-cell or zero-line situation.

Micah Snyder (micasnyd) authored on 2018/05/31 01:03:32
May 25, 2018
View 96c369d

Replacing debug log that was accidentally removed by the previous commit.

Micah Snyder authored on 2018/05/25 04:12:15
View 73606e9

bb12122: improving bounds checking in a more intuitive way, and adding additional check that I missed earlier.

Micah Snyder authored on 2018/05/25 01:40:42
May 22, 2018
View f2833bb

bb12122: Adding checks to validate offsets parsed from file.

Micah Snyder authored on 2018/05/22 05:58:51
April 13, 2018
View 27aa41e


Mickey Sola authored on 2018/04/13 01:02:41
View 1e34093

bb12091 - 0.101.x - adding pkg-config macro to fix conditional check failures for specificied configure options

Mickey Sola authored on 2018/04/13 01:00:19